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The software development industry has many myths and misunderstandings that can muddy the waters. Let’s debunk some of the common myths surrounding software development to provide an accurate understanding of the industry for any prospective partners.

1. Custom Software Development is Always Expensive

Many people think that custom software development is expensive. While it can be complex, several factors affect its cost. These include your choice of development team, the type of software you need, and the features required. Sometimes, custom software development can be cost-effective, and in many cases, it can even save you money or increase generated revenue over time, making the initial investment worth the cost.

If your goal is to create a simple, high-quality product that does not have too many bells and whistles, the process can be more straightforward and less costly, to learn more about simple software builds, check out our blog on MVPs and Prototypes.

2. Software Development Is Formulaic

Software development is not formulaic, each project comes with unique requirements, even if it’s a simple and small-scale build. Complex projects demand innovation, and the development process rarely follows a linear path, there are often small bumps and hiccups along the way in any build. Experienced teams, such as Bluehouse Group, excel at adapting and adjusting when faced with unexpected challenges.

3. You Need an In-house Development Team

You don’t necessarily need an in-house development team to bring your software to life. Outsourcing your project to external agencies can offer significant advantages, including a broader talent pool, and diverse skill sets. Even companies with in-house development teams will sometimes outsource projects to save time and allow their internal developers to focus on other projects.

4. Post-launch You Are On Your Own

While we cannot say the same for other other agencies, after releasing the software Bluehouse Group stays by your side. The launch marks the beginning of an ongoing cycle that involves addressing bugs, introducing new features, and releasing updates. Working with Bluehouse Group is a long-term partnership and we will always support our partners for the long haul.

5. AI & Chatgpt Will Make Developers Obsolete

OpenAI and machine learning tools, such as Github Copilot, have showcased the power of AI to the development community. However, as impressive as AI is, the code generated by AI is not perfect. These tools excel at troubleshooting and providing quick answers to questions. It’s crucial to emphasize that the code produced by ai should never be used without thorough review and comprehension by someone well-versed in programming.