Bluehouse Group is a full service web design agency located in Burlington, Vermont.

We specialize in custom website design and development.

Through a highly collaborative approach, we guide our clients through a set of exercises and conversations that help us hone in on the goals for the project and understand your business.

We’ve earned a reputation for building high quality solutions while also cultivating our partnerships even after projects are completed. We take the long-term view towards our client relationships. This process helps build trust and successful outcomes.

The team

Christopher is a veteran full-stack web developer with a knack for minimalistic solutions and thoughtfully crafted code. With a degree in philosophy and an unquenchable thirst for travel, he brings a diverse array of experience to any project. He has managed technical operations for over 15 years before acquiring the business in Spring 2022 and taking over as CEO.

When he’s not behind the keyboard you’ll find him sailing on Lake Champlain in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, or sweating out the ones and zeros in a hot yoga studio.

Having spent the first part of her career working in psychology and mental health, Tara loves to solve complex problems by understanding who people are and how they think. This skill has proved conducive to the field of web design – where successful products and systems meet the needs of those who use them. Thus you will often find Tara poking around analytics data, researching trends in User Experience Design, asking many questions, and ultimately working diligently to meet the needs of clients and their site visitors.

A lover of communication, Tara is also a French enthusiast and enjoys practicing her second language during regular visits to Québec. The only downside to her travels is that she cannot bring along her dearest pet – a small blue Parrotlet named Piper. Forget the argument about cats vs. dogs; Tara is a bird person. If you want to connect with her, talk to her about birds. You will instantly win her over.

Sayuri aka “Sy” has spent most of her career in the restaurant industry involved in every aspect of running a restaurant and small business. She is driven by the power of strong financials being a cornerstone of any successful business.

Sy loves playing and coaching basketball. The basketball gym is her happy place. She also loves Ashtanga yoga, the desert and Japan.

Any free time she has is spent with her 2 daughters, husband and 2 dogs. They love swimming together and spending time on their beautiful property in Charlotte.

Mitch is an experienced marketer that is determined to create crafty, creative and ethical marketing campaigns. Whether it’s Google Ads, stellar SEO, or content that zings you can depend on him. With a degree in marketing and a passion for photography and graphic design the content he creates is always sure to stand out.

Outside the office you’ll find him shooting film photography in Burlington or catching the latest movie at the local theater.

Elliot has been a professional developer for over 10-years. He likes PHP, React, Ruby on Rails, ASP.Net and a multitude of other languages and frameworks. He has also created a small following of a few million users while playing the video games he has created.

When he’s not in the office developing he enjoys spending time with his wife. They can typically be found taking care of their goats, gardening, or playing Xbox together. Elliot also enjoys relaxing after work by playing music on any number of instruments lying around.

A.J. grew up in Burlington, where he developed a fondness for the somber beauty of Fall and a contentious relationship with the month of January. A love of food, wine, and music led to a decade spent working in a number of the SF Bay Area’s Michelin-starred restaurants while touring in a dream pop band. A love of languages, puzzles, and teamwork led him to pursue a career in software development.

When he’s not writing code, he can usually be found playing tennis, cooking irresponsibly spicy meals, watching the Arsenal match, or calmly accepting his fate after falling off the same cliff in a FromSoft game for the seventh time in a row.

Cam is a developer with a passion for creatively technical work. Backend web and game development, and 3D modeling/animating in particular. Within these projects, he is a proponent of consistent documentation, writing performant code, and finding simple, understandable solutions to complex problems. He always tries to be careful of feature-creep and time management too.

He spends his free time outside of the office working on a few game projects, studying frameworks, and making music. If he isn’t staying busy by being productive or brainstorming new ideas, then he’s likely either reading or going for a hike.

Anthony spent most of his pre-pandemic career working retail, until he joined a bootcamp to learn User Experience design. Since then, he has bounced around doing UX for the beverage industry, video games, and the greater web. His ultimate goal is to help make the web a more inclusive and accessible place for everyone. He is passionate about art and design.

When he’s not working, you can find Anthony creating art in a multitude of ways whether painting, sculpting, or creating digital art. He loves consuming and chatting about media including all things horror, hardcore music, and FromSoft games!

Jared is constantly stalking the perfect user interface design. With his encyclopedic knowledge of standards and obsession with accessibility, he strives to enhance the user experience in everything he does. A consummate problem-solver, he makes it possible to use the word elegant when describing HTML/CSS and Javascript. His work is informed by avid consumption of media and pop culture and an undying appetite for what’s next in technology and the Web.

Kirsten is a web developer and textile artist in the mountains of North Carolina. Their love of patterns and subtle detail in fabric translates seamlessly to programming – did you know that the first computer program was created to automate loom weaving? Prior to software, they had a robust career in the healthcare industry, doing everything from birth work, disability work, and running a community foot care clinic. They are committed to bringing the empathy they cultivated as a care provider to the world of technology. Healthtech, web accessibility, and well-organized project boards are their professional passions.

When they aren’t in front of a computer, they are on trails, in rivers, or tending their overgrown garden with their kid.

Scott built his first website over 20 years ago, but it wasn’t his main focus until about 8 years ago. At the time, he was really passionate about working on mopeds and motorcycles — and still is. When he realized that writing code and fixing engines were kind of similar, he began teaching himself more about web development. Over the years he has become fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He’s a huge fan of Static Site Generators (SSGs) like Eleventy.

In Scott’s free time he is still continuing to mess around with web development to improve his skills, as he believes that it’s both a hobby and a job. While working from home, you will find the tail of one of his two cats appear on screen, either Fergus or Francie. However his judgmental tortoise, Chester never makes an appearance. He also has a passion for making letters: lettering, type design, calligraphy, and sign painting. One day he hopes to find an apprenticeship for sign painting, as it is hard to teach yourself.

Alex is a developer-in-training with a drive to explore all things computer science. He is excited to be working with the incredible team at Bluehouse Group to progress his skills in utilizing web development frameworks and libraries, writing readable and documented code, and working effectively with colleagues and clients. In his studies at Brown University, he is learning about data structures, algorithms, and computer systems.

When he’s not in front of the computer, you’ll find him paddleboarding or windsurfing on the lake in the summer, shredding powder on the slopes in the winter, and exploring the various nooks, crannies, and country stores of our green mountain state year-round.

Meet Josh, the dynamic Development Intern at Bluehouse Group. Prior to embarking on his software development journey, Josh honed his skills as a full-time baker, delighting patrons with his delectable creations at various bakeries in Burlington, VT. Drawing from his baking background, Josh brings precision, creativity, and a customer-focused approach to his coding projects, ensuring that every line of code is crafted with care.

Greg is Bluehouse Group’s former chief strategist. Having led Bluehouse Group for 20 years, his creative problem-solving, insight, and diplomacy made the company what it is today. Additionally, as founder and board member of the Vermont Software Developers Alliance, he helped create a statewide trade organization to promote the Vermont creative-tech sector.

Now, he has happily earned his retirement, trading days with Bluehouse Group for a life of fly fishing and travel photography.