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Bluehouse Group is a full service web design agency located in Burlington, Vermont. We build killer sites, complex apps, and concrete partnerships.

Est. 1998

We’re a passionate team of creatives that has been pioneering web design and app development in Vermont for over 25 years.

Our team delivers expert problem-solving, sharp attention to detail, and vast user-focused design and development skills.

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Our History

Bluehouse Group had its start in the ’90s as a hardware and software company that worked primarily with IBM. In fact, the “Blue” in our name comes from the nickname for IBM, “Big Blue”. In the early 2000s, the company pivoted to focus entirely on crafting websites for the budding internet.

Over the next twenty years, Bluehouse Group delivered countless sites spanning scores of industries. From band websites, to vacation rental startups, to sophisticated data visualization applications for the government, there are few industries that we haven’t touched.

Our mascot is the humble Bubble Monkey, who symbolizes our quirky creativity, and can be found hiding in various places on our site.

Our Office

Work has changed forever over the past few years, but we still believe it’s important to have a physical location in our community. Some of our staff enjoy coming in every day, some prefer to work from home, while others prefer a mix. We stock it with more candy than it has any right to contain, coffee for days, and even have a nap room — a staff favorite.

After work, you’ll often find us watching movies on the projector, playing board games, hosting networking events, or barbecuing on the front patio. Feel free to drop in meet the team!