Imagine this: you stumble upon an intriguing article on a website you’ve never visited before. You eagerly begin reading, but suddenly, a popup appears inviting you to subscribe to that company’s newsletter. What do you do? Do you subscribe and continue reading? Do you decline the invitation? Or do you exit the site altogether?

As someone who works in marketing, I can certainly appreciate the desire to increase newsletter subscriptions, but is an in-your-face approach really the best way to go about it?

Newsletter popups can be an effective marketing tactic, but I believe they’re a double-edged sword. They’re intrusive and disrupt the user’s experience, potentially leading users to leave and never return to your website again.

Personally, I would suggest placing the newsletter signup option in a less obtrusive location on the website. Additionally, taking the time and effort to create a newsletter that is truly valuable, entertaining, and enjoyable to read could lead to a healthier growth of the newsletter and a more engaged audience.