Wordle may have taken the world by storm earlier this year, but it inspired a whole host of daily puzzle games that will keep you entertained for hours.

Check out these Bluehouse Group favorites:

GuessTheGame: Can you figure out the game based on the screenshots given to you? You have six guesses to get it right!

Framed: How well do you know your movies? Test your knowledge by trying to guess the film from just six frames.

Moviedle: This one’s a real time challenge – you have just six seconds to guess the movie!

Posterdle: How good is your eye? Name the movie poster in 20 seconds or less

Episode: How is your TV knowledge? Guess the show every week

Heardle: Put your musical knowledge to the test with this game that asks you to name the song based on just a few notes.

Nerdle: Feeling math-savvy? Try your hand at guessing an eight-character equation in just six tries.

Globle: How well do you know your geography? In this game, you have to guess the country of the day on a globe, using “hotter and colder” hints to guide you.

Worldle: How well do you know maps? Guess the country based on a silhouette and distances

Quordle: Wordle with 4 simultaneous games at once