Four screenshots of a video game, three featuring a red and white robotic mech in dark, shadowy settings, creating an ominous atmosphere, and one displaying a cube as an incomplete player model descending a ladder into an underground level within the video game.

For the past five months, Bluehouse Group has been hard at work designing and developing our very first videogame. The game has progressed to a point where we are excited to start a development log, where we’ll keep you posted on updates and the game’s overall progress.

Our lead game developer and the sole developer behind this project is Cam Brown. Cam has been the driving force, designing and developing everything we have so far. The rest of the team has played a large role in contributing ideas for game mechanics, characters, and the game’s lore.

We’re using Godot to build the game, assets and sprites have been created using Blender. Our process involves turning 3D models into 2D objects, creating a distinctive art style, and significantly expediting the game art process compared to traditional methods.

The game itself is shaping up to be a Roguelite, featuring three distinct gameplay loops: managing a civilization, piloting a large mech, and exploring underground levels. Set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with Lovecraftian horrors immune to conventional weapons, the civilization serves as a protected sanctuary. The mech, funded by the city, is an investment for exploring the unknown and gathering resources. Players assume the role of a courageous citizen tasked with piloting and managing the mech until their demise. When they fall, a new heroic citizen rises to the challenge, honorably exploring the underground to secure resources for both the mech’s upkeep and the city.

We’ve still got a long way to go! But we are very excited to continue working on this game. It’s worth noting that the game is still in its early conceptual stages, so many of these ideas may change as development progresses. We have yet to determine a release date yet.

Stay tuned for our next development update!