In 1992 Mike Williams expanded his sandwich shop from a popular food cart on Church Street to a physical location at 155 Main Street in Burlington, Vermont. The sandwich shop is a staple in the Burlington community and they are known for their extensive menu and late hours. Kountry Kart Deli serves over 600 sandwiches a day, but are their french fries good?

This is a pretty solid french fry, especially if you’re into the classic “Hot Dog Stand” style fry that you might find at a baseball game. These fries stand out thanks to their hot, soft center, leaving just enough grease on your fingers to provide great flavor. A spicy cajun seasoning further augments the experience. But the style doesn’t offer much crispiness, and one could argue that the amount of grease leaves a heavier post-eating feel. Still, it’s a worthy contribution to our Fry Tour of Burlington.

We scored these fries a 5.6 / 10. Check in every Monday for our next local french fry review!