5 different phones that are all displaying the CARROT Weather app. The middle phone is showing the weather in Paris. It is 42 degree Fahrenheit and their is a drawing of a cloud with rain falling from it. Underneath is hourly data about the weather.

Your smartphone likely came with a pre-downloaded generic weather app, but have you ever explored other options in the app store? CARROT weather is a great alternative that offers a unique and personalized experience. The app utilizes a fun art style and animations to display the current weather, and even allows users to customize the app’s personality to fit their preferences – this is definitely my favorite feature. You can even earn achievements for withstanding storms or traveling the world which is a nice gamification touch.

Whether you prefer a more serious and informative tone or a silly and playful one, Carrot weather allows you to select the tone of voice that the app talks to you in. Plus, it even has a profanity setting for those who want a more light-hearted approach to checking the weather. The user interface and symbols are well-designed and make the overall user experience of checking the weather more enjoyable. The only downside is the occasional advertisement, but these can be removed if you subscribe to the premium version, but the free version is still worth it.

The app is available for both IOS and Android