The app store app icon on a zoomed-in home screen, surrounded by other apps, with the app store app being the focal point.

With over 3 million apps on the Google Play and Apple Store, everyone is looking for an edge to make their app stand out. The dilemma many people face is not only the cost of mobile app development, but also how they can make their mobile app visible.

App store optimization (ASO), is the process of improving the ranking of mobile applications (apps) directly on the devices’ app store. ASO is essential for app growth and if done right it can set your app up for long-term success. Below is 3 tips for improving your apps ASO.

Choosing the right keywords

Not only do you want your app to be found by as many people as possible, the app more importantly needs to be found by the right users - your audience is searching relevant keywords related to your app, if you put those are using in your app title, short description, long description, and keyword field.

Keyword planning and determining where to put certain keywords can be tricky. App store algorithms are difficult to pin down. They care about how relevant the keywords are to your app, and how much ranking strength your app has. It doesn’t help that every app store has different algorithms you could rank highly on the Apple App Store and rank lower on the Google Play store.

Compelling App Title and Description

Creating a compelling app title and description is crucial for ASO. For the app title, being concise is key. You also want the title to be memorable, and if possible include a relevant keywords in the title. In the app description, it’s first important to highlight your apps unique features, benefits, and value proposition. While including these items, sprinkling in your chosen relevant keywords in a natural way should help with your ASA. It’s important to be methodical and choose keywords that would work naturally in the content, otherwise it will not work.

High Quality App Icon and Screenshots

Great screenshots and a high-quality app icon are both very important for improving your app. People are hardwired to appreciate visual content. Images help us process information faster, understand more, and remember things later. On average, users spend about 7 seconds on app store product pages. Therefore, catching someone’s attention and stopping their scroll to look at a great screenshot is important.

While images do not directly improve your ranking in the app store, they do increase conversions. Users get a chance to connect with your product and get a quick preview of what you have to offer. The best screenshots are clean, eye-catching, and actually show the app in use.

We hope that these tips can help you improve your mobile app conversions and downloads in the app store. Remember, app store optimization does not happen overnight. By testing and pinpointing the right keywords, improving your screenshots, and enhancing your copy, you should start to see some improvements with your ASO.