Vermont Mountain Bike Association

The unified voice for mountain biking in Vermont

  • iOS and Android App Development
  • API Creation
  • Database Development
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From Peaks to Phones: Creating Vermont Mountain Bike Association’s App for VT Riders


The Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works to ensure the sustainability of mountain biking in Vermont. VMBA and its 29 chapters promote an exceptional riding experiences for all through advocacy, education, and community-driven stewardship.


As an organization with over 10,000 members, VMBA sends out membership packets to its members annually. While these packets contain various materials, they also include member benefits like coupons for different businesses. However, keeping track of the distribution, usage, and organization of member benefits has been a challenging and time-consuming task. Additionally, after becoming a member, users had to wait a while before receiving their member benefits in the mail.

Project Goals

  • Create a more convenient way for VMBA members to use their membership benefits.
  • Streamline the distribution, tracking, and organization of member benefits such as coupons for different Vermont businesses.
  • Reduce the waiting time for members to receive their member benefits.
  • Improve retention by creating a seamless and convenient way for signing up for or renewing their membership
  • Promote support for different Mountain Biking trails and chapters


To solve these challenges VMBA partnered with Bluehouse Group and Driven Studios to design and build a mobile app for IOS and Android. The app would not only make it more convenient for riders to use their membership coupons, but it also offered an easy way for riders to sign up for membership and to support different trails and chapters.

  • Built out Driven’s design using ReactNative and Expo
  • Elaborated upon design to create a straightforward User Experience for viewing member benefits and redeeming coupons
    • Built an inventory system to track # of available coupon redemptions
  • Created a robust API to communicate with their existing WordPress backend, where admins manage members, membership information, and other important data
    • This allows the app to stay in sync with the website
    • The app can display all necessary info for signup – such as membership options, chapter information, and pricing- and relay said information back to their system
    • Members can view their account information in-app
    • And more