Let the Right One In (2008, dir Tomas Alfredson)

“Are you old?” ‘I’m Twelve. But I’ve been twelve for a long time.”

Let the Right One In is set in a quaint town in Sweden in the dead of Winter. The film masterfully explores loneliness, bullying, and revenge.

Blood & Donuts (1995, dir Holly Dale)

“Excuse me, any place around here… One can get… some liver?” “We sell donuts”

This quirky horror comedy has it all!  Love, mobsters, and a crazy ex girlfriend. The film follows a vampire named Boya and his and his budding romance with a donut shop employee named Molly.

Near Dark (1987, dir Kathryn Bigelow)

“I’m afraid” “Don’t be. It’s just the sun”

This film follows Caleb, a mid-western farm boy who reluctantly becomes a member of the undead after falling for a vampire named Mae. Mae is involved with a rag tag group of vampires who wreak havoc while traveling through the south.

What We Do in the Shadows (2014, dir Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement)

“We’re Werewolves. Not Swear-Wolves”

The film follows vampire housemates trying to cope with the complexities of modern life as they show a newly turned hipster all of the perks of being undead.